-Toon Salad With Broccoli.

Toon Salad With Broccoli
1-Broccoli flower medium
2-180g tuna (can of well-drained tuna)
3-cup boiled chickpeas
4-Dill bouquet
5- One tomato, cut into small squares
6- Red hot pepper

  1. Himalayan salt
    8-lemon slices for garnish

-Step 1
-Boil water and wash the broccoli well and cut small flowers and then pour it boiling water and leave it for three minutes and then drain it from the water

-Step 2
-Put the broccoli pieces in a serving dish and it has pre-boiled chickpeas, tomatoes and hot red peppers

-Step 3
-Then put the tuna and stir well and put lemon slices on the face and a thousand here 🌷❤️


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