-Oatmeal soup.

Oatmeal soup


1- A small onion
2-1/2 colored peppers
3- a small grated carrot
4- Medium diced tomatoes, chopped
5-cup ground oats
6- Mixed spices:
7- Salt and black pepper

  1. Carrie
    10- black lemons

2 cloves garlic
2 medium green peppers
A big spoon of sauce
Step 1
The onion is wet in a little oil in a bowl
Step 2
Put the ingredients in the following order (instead of no pre-broth or ready cubes)
Step 3
Put the green pepper (when it changes color) put the colored peppers
Step 4
Put the grated carrots
Step 5
We put cardamom, cloves, cinnamon wood and black lemon( available optional) Put a spoon of cumin and rice a spoon of black pepper and rice curry and half a spoon of salt
Step 6
We put the diced tomatoes and when they start to get wet and put the sauce
Step 7
Put 3 cups boiling water to the previous mixture until the mixture begins to settle
Step 8
Put the oats gradually, stirring and leave until cooked


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