Selena Gomez — I think I’ll never be able to be a mother

The famous American singer Selena Gomez announced to her fans around the world. She suffers from bipolar disorder and may not be able to conceive and although she always makes headlines for her songs, she has now entered into a debate for a reason that will make her fans anxious.

  • In fact, Selena has been struggling with the disease for a long time. In a recent interview, she talked about it and how dangerous it can be for her.
  • Pop singer Selena said: “I think I will never be able to be a mother. I will never be able to give birth and it will be because of the medications I take to treat my illness.
    “I would like to raise my family, but that may not be possible. Medications can be fatal for both mother and baby.

Selena also mentioned the time when she went to meet her boyfriend who wanted to be a father and was struggling desperately to get pregnant. Selena was very sad to see the condition of her boyfriend.
-She went to her car and started crying and thinking that because of the medications, she would never be able to have a baby. Selena said that this is the biggest and most important thing in life for her.

She went to the hospital in 2018 when she became more stressed and unbearable, knowing then that she had bipolar disorder. And Selena revealed to her fans about her illness in 2020.
“When I was young, I was afraid to hear thunderclouds. Mom brought books related to thunder and clouds and said, “The more you make yourself aware of this, the more fear will be removed.” I knew a lot and my fear was gone. “

Bipolar disorder is a disease in which the patient’s mind changes from one moment to the next, sometimes the patient becomes very happy and sometimes very sad. The patient may also attempt suicide as the disease progresses.

Selena was hospitalized in 2014 due to illness. She later underwent a kidney transplant. Her best friend gave her a college.
Recently, Selena’s documentary “My Mind and Me” was released, in which Selena talked about the ups and downs of her career and her experience of living with bipolar disorder, yet reassured her fans and fans that her mental health is now much better than before.


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