Six things for great skin and a charming view


The benefits of milk and honey have been known since ancient times. They are widely used in recipes, cosmetic products, medicines, as well as for treating various health issues. They have anti-inflammatory properties and help with skin care, hair care and weight loss improvement. It’s been scientifically proven that the combination of these two components possess many health benefits and beautifies your skin from the inside out as well as from the outside in. Here are six things you should do to get beautiful and gorgeous skin…

The first thing you need for healthy skin is a good facial cleanse. You can use yogurts, glycerin, or rose water. Yogurt has lactic acid which will help remove any excess oil from your face while the glycerin is an excellent moisturizer. Rose water is perfect for removing bacteria and will also help tighten pores. The second step of cleansing is taking care of the rest of your body by using a bath gel or shower gel on the rest of your body.

It’s important to exfoliate your skin regularly, which is the first step of caring for your body. Exfoliating removes dead cells from the surface of your skin, which can otherwise clog pores and make your skin look dull. Try using a gentle scrub with natural ingredients such as fruits or rose water.

It’s not just what you put on your skin that matters, but also what you put in your body. Eating a diet rich in fruits (especially citrus) will help with dryness and inflammation. Rose water helps keep pores unclogged, which prevents breakouts. To combat aging, eat foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids. These include walnuts, flax seeds, salmon and sardines.

Moisturizers are a must for all skin types, but there is one moisturizer that is perfect for those with acne-prone or oily skin: milk. Milk has a unique ability of regulating oil production in the body, which can help reduce oil on the surface of the skin. Honey is an antibacterial agent that can also help reduce acne breakouts. Finally, rose water helps balance the pH level of your skin, which will make it feel moisturized and fresh.

Applying a face mask
-Mix the egg white, rose water, and glycerin together in a small bowl.
-Apply the mixture to your face evenly and leave it on for 10 minutes.
-Rinse off the mixture with lukewarm water, then pat your face dry.

Drinking plenty of water
It’s important that the water you drink is pure, as tap water is usually full of chemicals that can clog pores and make acne worse. Look for filtered or bottled water instead.


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