Penny Marshall died

American actress and director Penny Marshall is best known for the television comedy La Verne and Shirley. She died on Monday night at the age of 75. She is missed by her friends and fans alike. A spokesman for Marshall’s family announced her death Tuesday, which was the result of complications from diabetes.

Penny Marshall is best known for starring in the drama ABC Laverne & Shirley. In the series, she and Cindy Williams play the employees of a Milwaukee brewery. The comedy show ran for eight seasons from 1976 to 1983, and fans still remember the show.

David Hunt from Los Angeles said: “Lavigne and Shirley are simply fantastic. It’s great. So, I really like her. “

Stuart Jewett of Los Angeles said: “Everyone who was born in the seventies remembers the show. So, it’s a good memory. She is a person with a comic sense of humor, always looking radiant. “

Penny Marshall played the unconventional Rafvani DeFazio in the subsequent Hour of Happiness series, which led to her status as a star. Both plays were written by her brother Gary Marshall.

As a film director, she became famous for such films as “Red Pink Alliance”, “East-West War” and “Speechless Question”. The 1988 comedy “Flying Over the Future” starring Tom Hanks became the first film directed by a woman and grossed more than $100 million.

Elizabeth Reichek, who came to Hollywood from New Jersey sightseeing, said: “She was a courageous actress. She is a wonderful person and always helpful. She has helped a lot of women in this industry and beyond, and she has a great spirit. “

In her memoir, “My Mother Was Nuts,” Marshall describes the difficulties she faced growing up, which she said boosted her sense of humor. She also referred to her marriage to actor and director Rob Reiner, as well as her relationship with singer Art Garfunkel.

Actress and director Penny Marshall said: “I called Rob because he was married and had three children, so I said, ‘I’m just telling you, I wrote a book about us. Do you remember who took our wedding photos? He said: It was 1971, how do I know? Did you remember our time together? Art Garfunkel is also mentioned in the book as having photographs. This is the only picture I have. Group photo of us. “

Hollywood stars and some public figures took to social media on Tuesday to remember Marshall.


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